The East York Soccer Club Rep/Elite Program is an alternative to the traditional recreational team program. It offers boys & girls ages 7-16 years old the opportunity for advanced development in soccer through a progression and sophisticated curriculum. The coaching & technical staff will evaluate & recruit players within our House League Program throughout the year for the Rep/Elite Program.

Any players in joining the Rep/Elite Program may contact the Technical Director, Theo Zagar. Also, there will be OPEN tryouts in the fall (dates will be published later in the Summer). A Tryout Application will be available to be submitted to the Technical Director prior to the scheduled tryout dates.

EYSC Rep/Elite Program is focused on player development. We are striving to create a solid learning experience by eliminating the “must win” attitude placed on the player and team.

EYSC has a Player development system consisting of six stages (in conjunction with Coerver Coaching) which follow our curriculum of developing creative and confident young soccer players throughout each stage of transition.

We recognize that the Rep/Elite Program is the first and most important stage in structuring player development.

At the East York Soccer Club, we feel our first and most important contribution to the club is development. The sport of soccer keeps evolving and so do we. Through our unique programs in the areas of player development, players are able to advance their awareness, skills and knowledge of the game.

Development is a team effort, which only gets better with members providing feedback on programs and services they want to see. So, through our balanced development clinics, we keep our integrity off and on the field.

Theo Zagar is the Club’s Technical Director and Head Goalkeeping coach and has over 20 years of experience in training players.

For more information, please contact Theo Zagar at technicaldirector@eastyorksoccer.com.

The 6 major themes for this Program are:
1. Ball Mastery – 1 player, 1 ball. Repetition ball-control exercises both feet.
2. Passing & Receiving – Exercises and games to improve 1st touch and to encourage accurate and creative passing.
3. Moves (1 v 1) – Exercises and games that teach game speed individual moves and create space against packed defences.
4. Speed – Exercises and games to improve agility, acceleration and power with & without the ball.
5. Finishing – Exercises and games that improve technique and encourage instinctive play around the goal.
6. Group Attack – Exercise and games that improve small group play with emphasis on ‘Fast Break Attacks’.

EYSC REp Programs under the Player Development Model of Coerver Coaching, follow age specific stages:

• Ball Mastery
• Passing & Receiving

• Ball Mastery – Level II
• Passing & Receiving
• Moves (1 v 1) – Attacking & Defending

• Moves (1 v 1) – Attacking & Defending
• Passing & Receiving
• Speed
• Finishing

• Passing & Receiving
• Speed
• Finishing
• Group Attacking & Defending

EYSC Development Program emphasize five missions:
1. Development OVER winning
2. Quality elite training
3. Age appropriate training
4. Inspiring players & improve confidence