When does registration start ?
Registration for outdoor season starts December 1st and allows for an ‘Early Bird Discount’ until the end of January.  From February 1st the regular fee is then effective for registration.

How can I register ?
Registration is only available online and information for this is available on this website.

How can I pay for registration ?
Registration can be paid for by credit card online on completing the Got Sport registration process available on this website. Payment by cheque can also be made in person at the Club during available office hours.

Can I request to switch to a different playing night ?
Unfortunately due to the limited availability of our facilities playing night requests cannot be made.

Who owns the East York Soccer Club ?
The East York Soccer Club is a Not for Profit corporation operated by a Volunteer Board of Directors who are elected at the Club’s AGM.

What happens after I register ?
Your child’s coach will contact you at least one week prior to your first scheduled game. Please make sure your contact information is up to date and correct when you register. If you have not yet heard from a coach by one week prior to the first game, contact the East York Soccer Club via email:
You will be contacted as soon as possible.

What is the Refund Policy ?
The deadline for refunds is set on an annual basis and can be found on the registration page. All refunds will be subject to an administrative charge. No refunds will be given after the published date.

What the player Registration Includes ?
Every duly registered player receives a complete player uniform and Award.

How long does the season last ?
The Outdoor Season starts in May and ends in September, depending upon the schedule for each age group.

Can I request to have a ‘friend(s) play on the same same as myself ?
Please be reminded that a ‘request’ as to being placed on the same team as a ‘friend’, will not be entertained.The Board of Directors would like to limit requests to exceptional circumstances, and the following:

  • siblings playing together, where appropriate
  • coaches and their children
  • sponsors’ children on teams they sponsor

What are the ‘Playing Nights’ ?
Playing nights will be finalized once the Club obtains applicable field Permits. These nights could be subject to change as such based on these Permits.

How do I contact the Club ?
The Club is operated by Volunteers and response by telephone is not as quickly dealt with as is by email.  For a more timely response, it is recommended that you email the Club at –