Coaching Equipment Page

To coach soccer, all you really need is a soccer ball and some open space. It’s good to also have a whistle and a watch for both drills and games. Some of the following equipment can help organize drills and small-sided games:

  • Corner flags
  • Portable goals
  • Markers/cones
  • Coloured bibs

Player’s Equipment

Players need regular soccer shoes for outdoors and sneakers or indoor shoes for indoor soccer, a pair of shorts, a shirt and shin guards.

Game Safety

Coaches and game officials (referees) are responsible for ensuring that all players do not ear anything that is dangerous to themselves and any other players while on the filed of play. This can be footwear (cleats), jewellery and medical supports such as arm casts or knee braces.

The referee must also ensure that the team uniform colors as well as the game officials’ uniform colours can be distinguished from one another. The goalkeepers’ uniforms should also be distinguishable from all other players and they can wear headgear if deemed acceptable by the referee.