East York support community groups outside Canada – East York Soccer Club Donation to Jamaica.

Dear Dragan and the East York Soccer Club, It is with great gratitude and appreciation that I write this letter to thank you for your contribution of soccer equipment to Ashinish All Ages School in the wonderful island of Jamaica. Now that we have the equipment members from the community have come forward to volunteer coach the students and start a soccer team; something that would not be possible without your generosity. Thanks again and again – Jason Brissett

In addition to providing a wonderful soccer program for the youth of East York and surrounding communities, the East York Soccer Club has contributed and continues to contribute to the local community and to the international community. Over the past number of years, it has made donations to local schools for their fun fairs and other fundraising activities. The elementary schools that have received donations include Wilkinson Junior Public School, Jackman Avenue Public School, Cosburn Middle School, Diefenbaker Elementary School, R. H. McGregor Elementary School and St. John’s Catholic School. The Club has also had the opportunity to donate soccer balls to youth in Africa including the students of Yonibana Secondary School in Sierra Leone. And most recently, the East York Soccer Club has donated a number of shirts, shorts and socks to a project initiated by Monarch Park Collegiate to support another school in Africa.